ATD-LabTech Analysis

ATD-LabTech Test Report

ATD-LabTech Analysis Toolkit

ATD-LabTech offers an analysis toolkit for evaluating the test data of the dummy certifications. The toolkit is available as a plug-in for the "DIAdem" software by National Instruments.

Together with ATD-LabTech test systems, the analysis of the measurement data starts automatically after each test. In addition, the analysis package can also be integrated as a stand-alone solution in DIAdem. ISO-compliant MME data can be loaded and saved. Several special functions are then available: both for test bench integration and for the stand-alone solution.


Test reports that are compliant with DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025: 2018 are created from the analyzed measurement data. Design and layout can be flexibly adapted: For example, logos and texts can be changed to customer requirements or reports could also be generated in several languages.The analyzes themselves can also be tailored to specific customer needs.

ATD-LabTech Test Report

ATD-LabTech Toolkit Functions


With just a few clicks, channels relevant for certification can be evaluated or other analysis functions can be used. Examples of this are the actual report creation, a T0 determination, CFC filter, definition of the signal direction, the merging of data sets or the "finding" of the signal peak.


The use of the ATD-LabTech crash test dummy toolkit is intuitive and the extensive functions can be carried out from the familiar DIAdem environment. The measurement channel selection and other parameters are set in the corresponding function dialogs. The industry-standard file formats are available for the import and export of measurement data, which can be expanded upon customer request.

ATD-LabTech Toolkit Functions

Analyzes for all relevant crash test dummies - according to the relevant laws, specifications and build levels

All evaluations are carried out in accordance with the applicable laws and specifications of the crash test dummy manufacturers and legislators. Analyzes with different corridors, for example for special tests, can also be implemented on customer request. The available crash test analyzes are listed below:

Frontal Impact

  • » Hybrid III-5F (Hybrid III 5th Female)
  • » Hybrid III-50M (Hybrid III 50th Male)
  • » Hybrid III-95M (Hybrid III 95th Male)

  • » Hybrid III 50th Male (FAA)

  • » Hybrid II-50M (Hybrid II 50th Male)

  • » THOR-5F (THOR 5th Female)
  • » THOR-50M (THOR 50th Male) + T3

  • » FMH


  • » CRABI-6MO (CRABI 6 Month Old Infant)
  • » CRABI-12MO (CRABI 12 Month Old Child)
  • » CRABI-18MO (CRABI 18 Month Old Child)

  • » HIII-3YO (Hybrid III 3 Year Old Child)
  • » HIII-6YO (Hybrid III 6 Year Old Child)
  • » HIII-10YO (Hybrid III 10 Year Old Child)

  • » Q-Series (Q0, Q1, Q1.5, Q3, Q3s, Q6, QA, QB)

  • » P-Series

Side Impact

  • » SID-IIs (SID-IIs 5th Female Side Impact)

  • » ES-2 (ES-2 50th Male Side Impact)
  • » ES-2re (ES-2re 50th Male Side Impact)

  • » WorldSID-5F (WorldSID (5th Female) Side Impact)
  • » WorldSID-50M (WorldSID (50th Male) Side Impact)

Rear Impact

  • » BioRID-II  (BioRID (50th Male))

Pedestrian Headform

  • » Adult
  • » Child

Pedestrian Legform

  • » FlexPLI
  • » aPLI