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Multidimension Test System

As a stand-alone solution, this new test system is based on the drop/compression module of the PDC Test System. With the available extensions it is possible to carry out force, torque and multi-dimensional displacement sensor calibrations on both test systems in addition to the drop and compression tests. If a test laboratory is equipped with both, a PDC and an MD test system, even faster throughput times can be achieved with a well thought-out distribution of the equipment.

High precision, high forces

The system carries out tests with forces of up to 1 kN in the X and Y directions (horizontal). Forces up to 25 kN are intended in the Z direction (vertical) and can be implemented at the customer's request. In combination with the high positioning accuracy of 0.01 mm, the user has many options in the area of ​​crash test dummy and component testing as well as sensor calibration.

Examples of this are the partially automated (3D) zero-point verification and calibration of multi-dimensional displacement sensors including RibEye sensors from BOXBORO systems. The calibration of force and moment sensors (e.g. belt force sensors) is basically possible and can be implemented at the customer's request, although the offer does not include any specific brackets for load cells. The associated options also include FlexPLI certification, user-defined material tests and the implementation of quasi-static or endurance tests.

MD-Test-System Detail



The compact MDT+ is the core of the expansion by the two additional dimensions for the MD and PDC test system: The vertical Z-axis, which is represented by precise linear modules, is supplemented with the X and Y axes represented by the movable table part of the MDT+.

In order to make the area usable again for drop tests, the unit can be stowed in the rear area of ​​the test bench – by hand.

MDT+ in detail

Threads with fitting holes in the table and frame of the MDT+ are the interface for a wide range of applications.

In a basic variant, the table position is determined via the internal motor encoders. An integrated glass scale-based measuring system is available as an upgrade. The glass scales of the axes can be removed for annual calibration.

MDT+ im Detail