PDC Test System Titelbild


PDC Test System

In the PDC test system a series of test benches are united in a single and compact system. This offers the opportunity of synchronously performing neck pendulum tests, foot impact tests, head-drop-tests and rib-drop-tests, along with multiple compression and tension tests in a very confined space. The design pays special attention to ergonomic working heights, storage space and a testing bench with a simple operability. The central control system with touch panel realizes efficient testing scenarios.

Neck pendulum

The neck pendulum test of the system offers an innovative adaption system to quickly and easily change the head forms.




Foot impact

Innovative design allows for a simple and easy adjustment of the point of impact during the foot impact testing scenario. By quickly changing the testing pendulum the system can be universally used for further pendulum impact tests. The system is already able to certify the THOR-Dummy.

Head drop

An automated drop-height positioning and a quick-lock mechanism for an easy adaption and release of the head offer maximum convenience during the preparation and performance of the test. Through its design concept, the head-drop-test can be used for a wide range of other applications such as the rib-drop-test and the calibration of seat belt load cells, Displacement sensors etc.