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ATD-LabTech System Overview

Crash Test Dummy Certification made easy

An industrial PC with ATD-LabTech software is the central unit for the test bench control, test execution and data acquisition. The software for carrying out the tests can be operated via the touch panel which can then also be used to evaluate the automatically generated test reports. The screen ensures a high level of user-friendliness and can be positioned as required using its swivel arm.

The new digital DAQ system was developed in cooperation with the sensor and measurement technology manufacturer mg-sensor. It enables plug-and-play crash test dummy certifications for both digital and analog crash test dummies and components.

Software by ATD-LabTech

The software is intuitive to use and very similar across ATD-LabTech test benches. It guides the user from the selection of the test setup and dummy type to the start of the automated test execution. The analysis of the acquired measurement data, which is available as an additional module, also takes place automatically and includes the generation of the test report. The recorded data is saved in common formats such as *.tdms or *.mme so that they can also be processed with software of other suppliers. In general, the customer has extensive options for ISO-MME-compliant data import and export. With regard to the evaluation of the test data, the analyzes of the companies IAT and MeasX can be optionally integrated - more are possible on customer request. A separate ATD-LabTech analysis package with many additional functions is also available as an additional module. Further details can be found on the product page "Analysis":

ATD-LabTech Software

ATD Software User


To support the atd-technician, the test-relevant specifications (dummy manual, laws) can be integrated into the software and are thus directly integrated into the workflow. Another feature that also helps to reduce user errors is the automatic test-specific measurement channel allocation.

For analog measurement technology, the necessary sensor information is imported directly via an *.e2x file or created manually. DTI sensors can be used directly.

Other special functions are the live view, which can be used, for example, to check the sensor signal for plausibility and correct axis polarity. In addition to recording the measurement channels relevant for certification, all other DTI channels of the connected crash test dummy can be saved during a test.

Dummy Connector Panel - DCP 3.2.0

The data-recorder is connected to a digital DTI, DTS, or nxt32 dummy via the dummy connector panel. The three interfaces are synchronized via a common test bench trigger signal. Two additional trigger outputs are also available. The connections are powered with the corresponding system voltages (DTI: 48V / 5A, DTS: 15V / 7A, NXT32: 30V / 5A). Fast data transfer to the recorder is guaranteed via LAN. The connection and data acquisition of complete crash test dummies by plug-and-play is possible via the DTI interface. Communication to DTS components is the next logical step and is currently being developed. An integration of nxt32 into the ATD-LabTech software and measurement technology is possible on customer request.

ATD-LabTech Dummy Connector Panel - DCP

ATD-LabTech Analog+DTI-Modul - ADM

Analog+DTI-Module - ADM 6.2.2

The Analog+DTI module is the interface to crash test dummies with integrated analog sensors as well as dummy components with DTI integration. Relevant sensors from the test bench are also connected to the recorder via this module.

Analog+DTI-Modul for Neck Pendulum - ADM 6.2.2-N

A modified, crash-proof variant of the ADM makes it possible to use this module on the neck pendulum of the PDC test system.

ATD-LabTech - Analog+DTI-Modul Neck

Messring M-Bus Integration

M=BUS Option

The integration of M=BUS from Messring is also available as an additional option.

Data Acquisition for all common dummy types

Whether a dummy is equipped with DTI or DTS measurement technology or has analog sensors, ATD-LabTech offers the innovative measurement solution.

It is possible to equip and operate the ATD-LabTech test benches in parallel with all the interfaces mentioned. Mixed operation is possible. The measurement technology can also be used externally and can therefore also be used as an upgrade for test systems from other manufacturers.

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